What is Ecleneue.com

What is Ecleneue.com

Ecleneue.com is an advertising service that many sites use to generate revenue. However, if you are constantly redirected to it, you may have adware. Adware is a rather minor computer infection that causes ads to appear and redirects you to certain pages. Fortunately, adware is not malicious in the sense that it does not directly harm the computer. However, its generated ads and redirects may be a different story. Adware can expose users to unreliable and even malicious content. You could be tricked into revealing your personal information or installing some kind of malware.


Users usually install adware themselves, albeit unknowingly. Adware is usually attached to free software as an extra offer. If users do not notice and do not deselect it, it will install alongside the freeware without requiring explicit permission. The following section of the report will explain how such unwanted installations can be prevented.

Since adware’s main purpose is to show you ads, there is no reason why you should allow it to remain installed. It’s not only annoying but could also be putting your computer at risk. The sooner you delete Ecleneue.com, the better.

How to prevent unwanted installations

As long as you pay attention to how you install programs, you should be able to prevent unwanted installations. Free software usually comes with additional offers attached to it, and they’re usually browser hijackers, adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). The offers are permitted to install alongside the programs, unless users manually deselect them. Unfortunately, those offers are hidden from users initially, which is why so many of them are installed.

In order to avoid installing the unwanted programs, follow freeware installation processes carefully. Most importantly, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Those settings will make all extra offers visible, and allow you to deselect all of them. All you really need to do is uncheck the offers’ boxes. You can then continue installing the program.

What does adware do?

As you probably have already noticed, adware focuses on displaying advertisements in order to make revenue. It attaches itself to popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and starts showing ads to users in order to make revenue. The ads may appear in different forms, including banners and pop-ups. The adware could also redirect you.

Adware using legitimate advertising platforms in nothing unusual. Ecleneue.com is part of an advertising service for generating revenue, but it’s also used by adware. If you are constantly redirected to Ecleneue.com, do not press on any ads displayed there. In general, avoid interacting with any ads while adware is installed. You could be exposed to unreliable and even dangerous content, as adware does not check whether the ads it shows users are safe. You could be tricked into downloading malicious content or revealing your personal information to scammers.

It should also be mentioned that adware tracks users as they browse, collecting data. It will track what sites you visit, what content you click on, what you search for, your IP address, etc. That data would be used to generate ads that you’d be more likely to interact with.

Ecleneue.com removal

In order to remove Ecleneue.com adware, you may need to use anti-spyware software, particularly if you have little experience with uninstalling programs. The program would do everything, which makes this the easiest way to get rid of the adware. However, you can uninstall Ecleneue.com manually as well. Instructions to help you will be placed below this report.

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