What is Aticonto.exe?

Aticonto.exe is a cryptocurrency miner that uses different methods to infiltrate the computer. Miners are created to make money for their developers at someone else’s expense. They generate cryptocurrency like Monero or Bitcoin by using the infected computer’s resources. Once the device is affected by the threat, its functionality gets noticeably lower. The parasite uses up a lot of power as well, which results in high electricity bills for the user. Leaving the infection for a longer period of time on your system can lead to its permanent damage, which is why it is imperative that you terminate Aticonto.exe as soon as possible.


How does Aticonto.exe work?

Aticonto.exe spreads through other malware and ransomware infections, which you can catch while downloading files from suspicious sources, clicking on corrupted links, opening spam emails, installing apps with miner manuscripts, and so on. Once the parasite gets access to your system, it can automatically update itself and download other unwanted files onto the device. It hides its files in different folders, so that it can stay undetected by malware scanners.

Aticonto.exe in the same way as do many other cryptocurrency miners. Its main aim is to execute mathematical tasks by using CPU, GPU, memory and hard drive of the targeted computer. Often several tasks run automatically, as soon as one is completed, another one begins. Moreover, the threat is launched automatically as soon as you turn on your device, so the process is never-ending. This undoubtedly affects your system’s ability to carry out its primary functions, which is why the computer works at a decreased speed and eventually becomes practically unusable.

In addition to slowing down and damaging your computer, the parasite also collects your personal information, which can later be shared with third parties. There is no question that you should get rid of Aticonto.exe without hesitation. 

How to remove Aticonto.exe?

As it is a complex infection, manual Aticonto.exe removal is not possible without advanced system knowledge. If you attempt Aticonto.exe removal and erase the wrong files, you may cause even more harm. At the same time, if you do not eliminate Aticonto.exe completely, it may restore itself, and you need to make sure that the threat is gone for good. Therefore, instead of manual removal, we suggest that you implement a reliable anti-malware tool that will detect and delete Aticonto.exe in its entirety. It will also improve your online security. You are welcome to use the malware prevention and removal tool from our page. It will help you remove Aticonto.exe as well as any other unsafe elements that are likely present on the device.

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