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What is AllConvertersSearch (futhermore known as AllConvertersSearch malicious software)?

If you are looking for tools that could help you convert files, know that AllConvertersSearch (also known as AllConvertersSearch Virus) is not one of them. It is just a search tool, and while it may sound that it would help detect converters particularly, it does not present anything etc. Than a regular search provider would. In fact, it employs a quote-unquote regular search provider. It is Yahoo Search, and if you prefer to use the doubtful extension, it will redirect you You may believe that this isn’t so bad, considering that Yahoo Search is a trusted search engine. Well, as the PUP (potentially extra utility) alters the results that are presented with via it, we can not recommend trusting it. If you remove AllConvertersSearch and then set Yahoo Search as your default search provider, we are confident that you will be legitimate, but if you implement it via the PUP, you might not be. So, do you want to delete the pup quickly, or are you in spite looking for more about it? We can assist you in both cases.


How does AllConvertersSearch run?

Even if the maker of AllConvertersSearch isn’t identified, it’s possible that it was built by the same people who created TopStreamsSearch, MusicStreamSearch, SearchProConverter, and related possibly unwanted applications. They all have “portal” websites which are identical. The dubious AllConvertersSearch, e.g, is connected to, and the interface of this web page offers a free file converter, a free-of-charge-of-charge currency converter, a free-of-charge-of-charge cryptocurrency converter, and even a free-of-charge-of-charge calculator. In the center of the website, you can discover a search dialog box. Presumably this page may web utilized by the PUP in some way, but when our investigation team analysed it, it purely altered the default search provider, and it altered it to This is the software which results in Yahoo Search, and so if you arrive keywords into the address bar of Google Chrome – which is the only browser the potentially unwanted application is compatible in packages with – you should find yourself on As you have already been informed, we don’t advise trusting the results exhibited via this engine as they could be changed by the PUP. Unfortunately, it isn’t leading who could use the PUP to promote their content, and i.e. Why the service isn’t reliable.

Former we beginning talking about the termination of AllConvertersSearch, we need to determine how the unwanted application got onto your machine. Without a reluctance, certain users might set up it intentionally from The installer on the Chrome Web Store is free-of-charge-of-charge, but the permissions pop-up warns that the potentially unwanted application can read browsing history, that can prevent some people from installing it. Others can review installing it after analyzing the Privacy Policy, which indicates that some personal details could be collected and shared with unknown parties. Unfortunately, not many computer users are take the substantial step of checking privacy policies and terms of use agreements. Of course, if you obtained the suspicious add-on from an entirely different source, or if you don’t recall installing it at all, you have another thing to discover: if extra possibly unwanted utilities controlled to invade via disguises or without detection. Employ a malware scanner to figure that out, and do not wait to get rid of risks if any are located.

How to erase AllConvertersSearch from Google Chrome

Our research specialists of cybersecurity specialists encourages getting rid of AllConvertersSearch, but it is all up to you. How you uninstall this redundant utility, is up to you in addition. Because this pup is an extension, most people are responsible to attach to the manual deletion, and whether you ought aid terminating it from your browsers manually, we have a easy, effortless-to-monitor guidelines below. Say that it includes stages that aid noticeable browsing information. We recommend optimization it to erase any cookies affiliated with the PUP or its third-party partners. Another option is to have the PUP removed automatically. This is doubtlessly the best idea for these kinds of who have found additional infections and these kinds of who want to take care of their operating system’s protection in the future. If you’re bothered alongside securing in addition to that, installed trusted anti-malware software without hesitation. I.e. a alternative you will not regret.

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