How to uninstall ads

What is is a website that allows users to convert and download YouTube videos for free. Downloading YouTube videos via services like Pointmp3 is not exactly legal but that does not stop many users from doing it anyway. The site will warn that you should not download copyrighted content, but owners of this service know that many people will not heed this warning.


The site itself does not seem to be malicious and works just fine. However, it has a lot of questionable ads on it, which we don’t recommend clicking on. The ads will be obvious clickbait so you have no reason to click on them anyway. There are also reports that the site asks visitors to allow notifications. That basically means the site wants to push you more ads, even when you’re not on the site. These notifications are questionable even when legitimate sites ask for permission, they are completely unacceptable from dubious sites like You should never press “Allow” on those alerts that ask permission, but if you have done it, you can easily revoke that permission. This will be explained in the last section of the report.

While generally users visit with the purpose of downloading a YouTube video, it’s possible that you could be redirected to it by adware. If you are constantly redirected, to remove redirects you’d have to remove the adware.

Adware can redirect to sites like

If you find that you are randomly redirected to this site, your computer could be infected with adware. Adware can install unnoticed, via freeware bundles. It comes attached to free software as an extra offer, and if users do not deselect it, it will install alongside. Because programs can sneak in, this is a popular method among unwanted program developers in particular. It’s not difficult to prevent these unwanted installations but because they are hidden from users, most simply do not notice them.

If you want to avoid the unwanted offers when installing freeware, you need to pay attention during installation. The most important part is opting for Advanced (Custom) settings when given that option. Those settings will make all offers visible and allow you to deselect everything. All you need to do is uncheck the boxes of those offers.

Most free programs will come with these additional offers, which usually include adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). You have no need for them and they can be difficult to get rid of, so you should always deselect all offers.

Is safe to use? does not appear to be malicious or do any harm. However, you should still be cautious when using it. You should also keep in mind that downloading copyrighted content via this or any other third-party YouTube downloader is illegal and you would be essentially stealing. Many people do not realize this when they download YouTube videos.

The website does not bombard you with ads as soon as you enter it and is pretty clean. However, once you convert a YouTube video, you will be shown rather questionable, clickbait ads. If you are familiar with clickbait ads, you will know to not click on them. However, some users may be tempted to click on those eye-catching headlines. While clicking on one won’t necessarily lead to a malicious site, know that those headlines are fake, meaning you’ll get some useless content. removal

If you have adware installed, you will need to get rid of it to delete redirects. We recommend using anti-spyware software for that. And if you have permitted the site to show you notifications, you need to revoke that permission.

For Mozilla Firefox. Open menu by pressing on the three bars top-right corner, select Privacy & Security, scroll down to Permissions, press on Settings next to Notifications, and remove the unwanted sites. You can actually turn off these notification requests so they don’t appear at all. You can do that by checking the “Block new requests asking to allow notifications” box in the same Notification settings.

For Google Chrome. Open menu by pressing the three dots top-right corner, press on Privacy and security, press on Site Settings, click on Notifications under Permissions, and remove the sites. You can stop these notification requests permanently by toggling off “Sites can ask to send notifications”.

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