How to remove xHelper virus

What is xHelper virus?

xHelper virus is a malign piece of software that first appeared back in March 2019. The threat is designed to target smartphones and presents itself as an app. It bombards the user with different advertisements including pop-ups, alerts, notifications, and more. The biggest issue with the parasite was that users could not eliminate it even after resetting their devices. However, there is no question that xHelper virus removal must be completed as even though the app may not damage the device directly, it still lowers its security and exposes you to unwelcome content.

xHelper virus

How does xHelper virus work?

As do many other useless programs of this type, xHelper virus spreads through suspicious web domains that host various apps, not all of which are legitimate and safe. When you download an application outside of Google Play Store, you risk infecting your device with potentially unwanted or even malign software. That is how you most likely ended up with xHelper.

The virus itself could go unnoticed, however, its symptom are obvious. The goal of such apps is to make profit for its creators by generating advertising revenue. That is why the application will insert advertisements everywhere it can. It must also be mentioned that these ads are not verified by any security scans, so they can absolutely be fake and unreliable. Clicking on such ads could result in infecting the device even further or falling for some type of online scam. We suggest that you delete xHelper virus, so that you can avoid such undesirable consequences.

Although it is referred to as a virus, the threat is actually a Trojan horse, which makes it more difficult to terminate, as it does not have an interface and it cannot be uninstalled by regular means. Moreover, it has been reported that every attempt in the threat’s removal resulted in it reinstalling itself some time later.

How to delete xHelper virus?

As we have mentioned, xHelper virus removal is a tricky task, however, it is also one that needs to be completed. We have prepared manual xHelper virus removal instructions, which you are welcome to use, below the article. Keep in mind that no matter what you do online it is always important to stay cautious and have the best tools protecting your device. You are welcome to download and make use of the anti-malware utility presented on our website to improve your online security level moving forward.

xHelper virus removal steps

  • Download and install a file manager from Google Play (it should be able to search files and folders)
  • Disable Google Play temporarily: Open Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Disable
  • Run a scan with an anti-malware utility to identify the app that is hidden by xHelper
  • Open the file manager and search for files starting with com.mufc
  • Sort found files by date
  • To terminate xHelper virus, erase all entries that start with com.mufc and any file the same creation date (except core directories like Dowload)
  • Re-enable Google Play: Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Enable

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